Yesterday I posted about David Ould’s (Anglican pastor from Macquarie Fields in Sydney) impending appearance as a guest host on current affairs program The Panel last night.
The regular hosts again did everything to make their guest host welcome and apart from the references to the situation a first time viewer might have thought that David was another of the show’s regular rotating fourth chair guests. Congratulations to the whole production team.
Given the show’s advocacy of the issue, I was moderately surprised that marriage didn’t get a single question, along with a few of the other hot button issues that evangelicalism generally draws criticism for.
Not even a question about Sydney’s new archbishop. (heh)
Anyway, David gave a great succinct explanation of what Christian pastoral ministry in 2013 is about.
“It’s actually pretty much the same as it has been for 2,000 years. I’m opening up the Bible and telling people about the great news of the love of God in Jesus Christ and how it radically can transform your life through forgiveness and why that is not just emotionally and spiritually satisfying but also intellectually and historically credible. The great thing now in 2013 is I that I get to do some of that from an iPad.”
In addition to this wonderful opportunity to communicate the basics of the Gospel, David also took the opportunity to create relationships that help to convey that message with integrity and strength.
Not a bad night’s work.
And I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets similar opportunities in the future.

One thought on “David Ould On The Project Last Night

  1. David Ould says:

    thanks for the kinds words, Gary

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