What was understood to be a new beginning of democracy in Egypt, the Arab Spring, has given way to a situation where Egyptians are in peril from their own, and where Egyptian Christians are suffering persecution under the guise of random civil unrest.
This blog post aggregates reports of churches which have been attacked.
It is attempting to provide verifying links as they become available.

This prayer from Michael Milton is appropriate.

Father, Thou who used Egypt as a place of refuge for Thy Son, Jesus, when Joseph led Mary and the little Christ-child there to escape a madman named Herod, grant the same refuge and peace to Thy people in Egypt this day. Deliver the Church in Egypt through the attacks of madmen. Convert the madmen, as Thou didst with St. Paul, or else remove them, lest they devour Thy Seed through bloody war. It is not too much to ask or too much to expect, O Christ, that Thou wouldst reign supreme through all of this and that the chaos of this unrest may be the first pains of the birth of a great revival. For the sake of Thy matchless name, the glory and honor of Thy dear Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ, through the supernatural turning of pain into praise by the Holy Spirit, wilt Thou, Almighty God, demonstrate Thy might in our midst that all will know, “There is a God and He is the God of grace, who offers life in the presence of death, hope in the cauldron of despair, peace in the raging inhumanity of diabolically influenced bloodshed, and love flowing from hearts that known Thy grace and love, that is stronger than hatred.”
Protect the Egyptian people who desire peace and turn the hearts of those who lust for violence. Safeguard missionaries, aid workers, police, physicians, nurses, military personnel, counselors, and the many dutiful others who seek to either bring the Gospel, again, to that land, or to fulfill the Biblical mandate of Romans Chapter Thirteen in providing governmental order. We appeal to Thine own Word to apply to the ancient land of Egypt and her condition today:
“He will guard the feet of his faithful ones, but the wicked shall be cut off in darkness, for not by might shall a man prevail” (1 Samuel 2:9 ESV).”
We pray for this peace, Oh God, until the last dawn breaks, the canopy-skies are suddenly torn in twain and unfurled like a colossal curtain, and the Son of Man appears in triumphant splendor. Come again Lord Jesus to still the raging sands of Egypt, to comfort and embolden Thy true ministers, and encourage Thy people through Thy Word, Sacrament, and Prayer, until at length, Thy return will end injustice, destroy all wars,and put down all inhumanity. Through all of these petitions we humbly submit our pleas in order to establish Thy Kingdom, world without end. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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