Now it may seem that I have no time for preaching that includes moral commands or draws conclusions about ethical behaviour.
That’s not the case.
It’s not about imposing the redemptive work of Jesus onto every text, but identifying how each texts relates to the redemptive work of Jesus.
There is a difference.
From an article by Terry Johnson about redemptive-historical preaching.

The problem with the redemptive-historical extremists is three-fold. First, the ethical thrust of the New Testament, which is not inconsiderable, disappears. All preaching becomes about Jesus and the cross, that is, about justification by faith. Everything else is a footnote to justification. As a consequence, preaching becomes predictable, cliché, and boring. Flights of redemptive-historical fancy become commonplace, as texts are twisted to say what they do not say, forced to teach what they do not teach, while what they do teach is lost.

Read the rest of Johnson’s thoughtful article at this pdf of his church’s newsletter.

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