Ron Edmondson writes about seven important factors that should be recognised before change is implemented.
These resonate with my personal experience.
Here are the headlines and introductory comments. More detail at Edmondson’s post.

Here are 7 steps before implementing major change:
Establish trust authority – Leaders shouldn’t attempt to implement change until they have enough trust of the people to solicit the support necessary for the change.
Personal confidence and conviction – Check your heart. Have you prayed about it? Do you sense any reason you shouldn’t do it?
Leadership – Make sure you get buy in from those who will most likely end up implementing the change.
Focus group – On major changes, I like to bring in a group of people who are generally supportive of my leadership, but represent all the major groups within the church. I cast the vision for the change, get their feedback and answer questions.
Stakeholder analysis – I try to know the most interested and influential people in the particular change. We attempt to reach out to them first.
Major questions answered – (Or a plan to get them.) One of my goals is getting as many answers to questions as possible on the table before the change is implemented.
Timetable – It is impossible to do this perfectly, but having a planned approach to implementing the change makes the change more successful.

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