After an early morning trip to the Valley Lake for a sunrise service, at mgpc tomorrow we’ll focus on Paul’s take on the resurrection in 1 Corinthians.
There we’ll find out what was of first importance for the first generation of Christians and consider what is still of first importance for Christians today.
Songs of preparation will be Because He’s Good (Psalm 118) and God So Loved The World (One For Many).
After a welcome and some announcements we’ll call and repeat the great truth that Christ is risen, He is risen indeed and sing Jesus Christ Is Risen Today.
Our prayer of adoration and confession will praise God for the power that has shattered grave and overcome death, expressing all our thanks that while we rendered the cross necessary, God’s amazing grace and love made it real.
Lord I Lift Your Name On High will give voice to our shared testimony, as will the Nicene Creed and Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow.
God’s Word continues day in and day out, and our continuing reading from Jeremiah 19 continues God’s charge against Israel with a vivid image of their fate in rebellion. This reminds us of what Jesus endured on the cross, and helps to focus our thankfulness for the redemption he has gained for us, which we’ll express singing Christ The Lord Is Risen Today.
1 Corinthians 15:1-28 would have been part of the church’s life before the written accounts of the resurrection which we have in the Gospels. But we can see how central the facts of Jesus death and resurrection were foundational to Christian life, and how they are meant to have continuing power in every facet of life for Christians. They are not facts from which we move on, they are not a starting line. They are the substance and course of a Christian’s whole life.
We’ll share our prayers of thanksgiving and for others, give our tithes and offerings, then conclude our worship singing Behold Our God.

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