The Gospel frees us from surrounding ourselves with people just like us.
It also helps us think about what church we should go to on the basis of opportunity to serve rather than the basis of what I think I need.
From Michael Horton’s The Gospel Driven Life.
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The last thing we need is a church that keeps us sealed up in our own compartment with others of similar experiences in life. We need to be integrated into the body of Christ. Younger believers don’t need another speaker to come in and tell them about dating, self-esteem, and relationships. They need to have relationships with saints who have put on a few miles in the Christian life and have faced challenges to their faith and practice that younger believers have not. And the lessons learned from these relationships need to be passed on to the rest of us in unplanned, unchoreographed, and unplugged conversations.
—Michael Horton, The Gospel-Driven Life (p. 197).

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