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Five Common Reasons People Criticise Change (via Ron Edmondson)

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Part of a plan to implement change will be a preparedness to deal with criticisms of the change.
It is helpful to know that critics can be critical because of different motivations.
Wise agents of change listen and respond accordingly.
And, of course, are always ready to admit when they’re wrong or if there are better ways to move forward.
Ron Edmondson points out five common reasons people criticise change.
There are more complete explanations of these points at his site.

Confused -These people just don’t understand the change. They lack information.
Conflicted – Some people object to change because they are objecting to life. They have past hurts they can’t resolve.
Care – These people simply don’t think you care. They assume, for whatever reason, the changes are being made without considering their position.
Control – You stepped on someone’s power. You didn’t check with them first.
Comfort – These critics, who are the most common group, simply don’t like change. It’s uncomfortable.

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