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The Fatigue Of Placeless Ambition And Restless Discontent (via Zack Eswine’s Sensing Jesus)

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More on the futility of ambition that is not grounded in place and people.

A placeless ambition can likewise rob us of the kind of happiness that God intends.

Restless discontent is a kind of fatigue. When a finite creature covets omnipresence he loses sight of sight itself. Imagination becomes placeless. Detail loses relevance. Routine becomes boring; arrogance and impatience bid a person to never look twice or long before moving onto somewhere or to something else.

Imagination disconnected from place leads to fruitless urgency in our tasks.

For example, I am a preacher by vocation. It I had ever asked God to enable me to be like my heroes, he might have said, in this regard,”Which one?” If I choose [Charles] Spurgeon, I would have to live in Dickens’s London and inhabit that community and care for that people. To be like [J.W.] Alexander, I would have made Princeton, New Jersey, my boundary and labor for its good. But I cannot do both, and neither could they.
Sensing Jesus, Zack Eswine, Crossway, 2013, pp 66, 68.

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