At Valiant For Truth, one pastor’s Saturday-Sunday-Monday cycle is briefly recounted in order to remind folk that Sunday is not a typical day of rest for pastors.
What is recounted is typical, and can be helpful in guiding those who pray for pastors about times to pray and what they can pray about.

Monday was typically supposed to be my day off, though it was sometimes anything but restful. Given the physical and emotional stress of the previous day, I frequently found myself laid up in bed nursing a migraine headache. I don’t think that many people in the church realize how stressful Sundays can be for the pastor.

You may not notice it, but Sunday can be a vice-grip on the emotional well-being of your pastor. This is perhaps one of the contributing factors to the resignation rates of pastors. This glimpse “behind-the-scenes,” if you will, should encourage you, I hope, to be in constant intercessory prayer for your pastor. Pray that the Lord would give him peace and the energy he needs to minister faithfully word and sacrament to God’s people each Sunday.
Read Migraine Mondays at Valiant For Truth.

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