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Twelve Challenges For A New Year (via Ron Edmondson)

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Twelve excellent and constructive new year challenges from Ron Edmondson, whose blog is well worth reading:

Quit trying to be someone else – God made you to be you and He didn’t make a mistake.
Quit trying got carry all your burdens – God designed you (and me) to be insufficient without Him and to have a relational need for others.
Start embracing today – You can keep hoping your life away, but when you learn the secret of contentment today can become a great day, in spite of the challenges it holds.
Let the past go – As much as we can learn from history, we shouldn’t be bound by it.
Accept God’s grace – It’s always more than we deserve. You can’t earn it. It’s amazing grace. But, denying or refusing it ignores the beauty of it.
Live free of grudges and bitterness – The lack of forgiveness is a hidden destroyer of joy, peace and happiness.
Remember other people exist – Don’t be selfish or always command your way.
Admit mistakes readily – Sincere humility is an attractive quality.
Give generously – Giving opens the heart to contentment. And, there are many needs around us.
Protect your heart – “Above all else” the Bible says. Where your heart is there your treasure will be also.
Take a new risk – The adrenaline will fuel you for future success.
Think and act eternally whenever possible – It will build the most lasting rewards.

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