Kristyn and Keith Getty’s composition How Suddenly A Baby Cries is a set of words by Kristyn which has been set to an arrangement of what sounds like the tune Kingsfold, which, in turn, is an adaption of folk tune Star Of The County Down.
So, a familiar tune and very familiar themes in the words, which cover shepherds, Magi, the death of the innocents, Anna and Simeon, before returning to the singers as those who join this chorus of praise.
For those wanting a new song which congregations with traditional music experience can easily pick up, this is a helpful offering.

The lyrics:
How suddenly a baby cries and all forever change
As shepherds leave the angel song to find this holy place,
Where in her young and trembling arms a virgin holds her Son
And in this Child of breath divine our Light has finally come.
She ponders how the Magi kneel before Emmanuel.
With gold and frankincense and myrrh Christ’s sacrifice they tell.
A dream would help them flee a king whose pride would cruelly destroy.
As mothers weep God’s mercy meets the hunger for His joy.
What wonder still that Anna filled with praise should bless the Lord;
Her aging eyes now looking on the Savior of the world.
For night and day her prayers had filled the temple of our God.
Her heart could tell His saving hand within this gift of love.
Hear Simeon who had waited long draw near to hold the child
To speak of Him who would reveal the many thoughts we hide:
That hearts would rise to know His grace but many fall away;
A sword would pierce His mother’s soul upon redemption day.
How suddenly a baby cried and all forever changed.
Through history soul by soul have come to find His healing grace.
He filled my troubled heart with peace, with hope of endless worth.
My voice will join the song of praise that tells Messiah’s birth.

Music by Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty and Fionán de Barra. Lyrics by Kristyn Getty.
Copyright © 2011 Gettymusic and Fionán de Barra; admin by Music Services.
Narnian Reel
Keith Getty and Fionán de Barra.
Copyright © 2011 Gettymusic and Fionán de Barra; Admin by Music Services

Here’s the track:

And here are the Gettys with a background video about the song:

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