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When Winter Dwells In The Heart Of Young Parents

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We live in a culture determined to pathologise sadness.
It seems that anything other than a cheery disposition is seen as a state which needs to be cured.
For Christians who experience seasons of emotional flatness there can be a sense that they’re getting being a Christian wrong.
As if being a Christian is based on what you do, and not trusting what Christ has done for you.
I especially feel this for parents with young children.
Lack of sleep, no time alone coupled with a reduced sense of intimacy, constant demands, lots of unexpected situations.
Guys, you’re not going to feel the way you felt in other seasons of life.
That’s just the way it is.
Your parents probably felt the same way.
You’re not the only ones experiencing these emotions.
And when you’re mired in winter, it always looks like your contemporaries are in spring or summer.
But most of the time they’re feeling just like you.
It’s only me, or I’m the only one feeling this way are powerful emotions, but they usually can’t be trusted.
It’s not a matter of ‘cheering up’.
There’ll be other seasons to come, but God is inviting you to experience His presence and grace in a way you won’t in those other seasons.

A helpful post at Mockingbird deals with the subject of the blues, and references this song by The Avett Brothers.

And also this hymn by Annie Steele.

One thought on “When Winter Dwells In The Heart Of Young Parents

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