Eric Speir offers these seven tips to be an effective leader.
These are helpful for anyone with any leadership responsibility.
If you’re not a leader, follow these and you soon will be.

1. Be a next step kind of thinker. When going into a meeting be prepared with not just your first step, but also a plan of action. If your leader has to think for you, then he doesn’t need you.
2. Do more than what is required of you. Jesus taught this when he told us to go two miles for someone. Anyone can do the minimum but a true leader will do what it takes to help the organization be successful. Remember that “industry standards” is just another word for average or mediocre.
3. Work while you’re at work. This sounds self-explanatory, but studies have shown that the average American wastes two hours a day at work playing on the Internet and socializing with coworkers. You’re paid to be there so you should give them an honest day’s work.
4. Be a problem solver instead of a problem magnifier. Anyone can tell you that a situation is bad, but a real leader will look for ways to tackle the problem. When going to your leader with a problem you should have a few possible solutions ready. This shows your leader you know how to solve problems without them having to do it for you.
5. Don’t be afraid to do something that seems beneath you. God blesses humility. Part of being a great team player is learning to pass the ball to give others a chance.
6. Bring problems up to the right people who can help you instead of down to those who can’t. When we bring problems to people who can’t solve them, we destroy unity and it destroys the morale of those around you. It also belittles your leader in front of your peers. Don’t do it!
7. Be willing to work harder than those around you. You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room when you aren’t afraid to work hard. Most people who achieve “overnight success” usually understand that it is just the daily application of discipline over a period of time that achieves results.

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