The last week of January / first week of February is when the annual meetings of various committees of the Presbyterian Church of Australia are held in Sydney. As a pastor from one of the smaller state churches I back up and attend a few and make a week of it.
Today I’ll be meeting with a group who have been coordinating our growing relationship with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Timor Leste.
Tomorrow our national mission body will commence its meeting, developing our shared policy and hearing about what various states, churches and individuals have been doing in cross-cultural work.
Also tomorrow there will be a meeting at which changes to our national journal Australian Presbyterian will be approved. The magazine will become a free quarterly magazine aimed at opening up practical theology and current issues for growing Christians. Later in the afternoon I’ll be priveleged to attend a meeting of those charged with church growth and church planting in the various states. I’ll listen to their experiences and the subject of a planned church plant in Adelaide will probably be discussed.
Wednesday will see the mission meeting continue (maybe) and the Relations with Other Churches committee will meet. Apart from the growing number of churches which we are entering into targeted partnerships which will facilitate our work, we’ll hear of the meeting of the World Reformed Fellowship which will be taking place in Sydney in April. This will be a time to engage with others from like minded churches.
Also on Wednesday (I think) the Presbyterian Inland Mission will meet. Of particular interest here is the pending commencement of a new appointment in the Flynn Patrol, which covers northern South Australia. We’re looking for additional funding for accommodation and on-road expenses and we’ll be thinking about how best to communicate that to our churches. The PIM usually have some sort of publicity meeting that evening, as well.
Thursday will be a lay day. I love walking up and down city streets. Absolutely love it.
Friday will be Code day. Good rules facilitate good governance. The only time you really notice rules is when there’s a problem or if they don’t work. This group seeks to ensure that we can continue to relate as a national body of churches.
I’ll fly to Melbourne Friday afternoon, stay the night and be back over to the Mount on Saturday morning.
There’ll be more reports on what’s happening through the week.
Pray everyone will travel safely and we’ll all have harmonious and fruitful meetings.
For the Cross and Crown of Christ!

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