Cardiphonia are a collective producing and releasing contemporary expressions of classic hymns.
I’ve posted about previous releases Hymns Of The Faith and Pentecost.
Musicians from a variety of churches producing material which is contemporary but timeless, good music with sound theology, and which is meant to be sung, not listened to.
Songs For The Supper, their latest release is a stunning 29 track compilation album of songs from a variety of sources, all of which relate to celebrating the Lord’s Supper.
Here’s their blurb:

Songs for the Supper is the 3rd in a collaboration of songs dedicated to serving under-emphasized themes in our worship music. All of these artists have donated their songs to this end – that as you gather with family, friends, and churches you might have songs to voice your thanksgiving and praise, especially during the Lord’s Supper. Some of these songs are quiet meditations, others look to the great rejoicing of the Lamb’s Feast. All of them reflect the incredible diversity of postures and approaches to our Lord’s table.
We hope these songs are a blessing to you and your church.

There are tracks from names I recognise, like Zac Hicks, Karl Digerness, Melanie Penn and Ordinary Time, along with others with whom I’m not so familiar.
And it’s free for download.
And it comes with a pdf of lead sheets.
Whether you want great music, some song suggestions for communion, or to be introduced to a number of musicians whose other works you can further explore, this is a wonderful gift.

I can’t commend it highly enough.
Go and download it now.

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