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The Irreducible Essence Of The Gospel

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In the context of recent posts about the narrative, whole-Bible Gospel this post by Bill Mounce brings the issue to a very fine point.
Towards the end he writes:

I made a nuisance of myself for several years by asking everyone I could, especially academics, “What is the minimum it takes to get into heaven?” It was always interesting to me which of my academic acquaintances could answer the question, and who couldn’t.
Some replied, “That is the wrong question.” My answer always was, “Someone you will never see again just asked you the question, and the bus will be there in two minutes. Go!”
Some would still respond, “It can’t be answered in two minutes. It is the wrong question.”
My response? “You now have less than two minutes.”
Read the whole post at Koinonia.

The academic theological education industry can publish books and papers about how much should be included in the Gospel, but they’re not so good at what is its precise irreducible focus.
Probably because it limits their capacity to find new things to say about it.

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