A couple of posts have attracted my attention.
The first is by James Hamilton and his disagreement with the choice by the New International Version 2011 to remove the word selah from the text of the Psalms and place it in the marginal notes.
From the post.

The truth is that we don’t ultimately know what this word means, and its use is not uniform. It may be a musical notation, or it may signify something else entirely. Our ignorance and uncertainty, however, does not give us warrant for removing from the text something that is in all the textual evidence in our possession.
For reasons textual, structural, intertextual, cultural, and theological the NIV 2011 should reverse itself on this point and put the word Selah back where it belongs: in the text.
Read Hamilton’s elaboration of these reasons here.

The second is an explanation of changes to the text of the 2011 edition of the English Standard Version.
You can see all the changes in verse by verse comparison here.

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