Without Our Aid is an album of modern hymns.

Zac Hicks is Associate Pastor of Worship & Liturgy at Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church in Denver, USA.

Here he describes the album:

Without Our Aid is an energetic modern worship album, recorded with a live sound and feel–big drums and electrics, soaring vocals, verby synths, and lots of crowd noise. All the music is original, but the lyrics are made up of Christian hymns from the fourth through the nineteenth centuries. The combination of all of these things makes Without Our Aid an utterly unique project.

It certainly has plenty of rock and pop elements.
The musicianship is excellent.
Sort of like Hillsong, but with really great lyrics.
Not your usual Presbyterian worship fare.
Lord, I believe (Communion Hymn); Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness and All people that on earth do dwell (Psalm 100) stand out on early listening.

Why don’t you have a listen for yourself?
Download the album for just ten dollars.

3 thoughts on “Without Our Aid – New Album by Zac Hicks & Cherry Creek Worship

  1. zachicks says:

    Thanks for giving the album a listen and a fair shake. I appreciate your words. “Hillsong…with really great lyrics” is definitely what we were going for, so I’m glad it was apparent. It’s not for everyone. It’s not really intended to speak to a traditionalist crowd…hence some of the dismissive criticism we’ve received from those folks. There’s a very specific strategy: build bridges to the modern worship sector which needs fresh vision when it comes to the incorporation of biblical reflection, theology, history, and hymnody. In that sense, Without Our Aid is an “evangelistic” project to modern worship, hopefully sending a message that says, “There ARE ways to preserve the style and fervency of modern worship and yet engage tradition thoughtfully.” Thank you so much for taking the time to post about the album. Grace & Peace.


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