John Chapman and Kel Richards, courtesy of Gordon Cheng, continue to discuss the end of life and ultimate destinies.
(Part one here, part two here.)
An excerpt:

John: …The judgement of God is real, and our age of course never thinks about death. If you want to bring a dinner conversation to a crashing, grinding halt, just whisper to your hostess, have you given any thought to your death lately? See how that goes down.

Kel: (laughing) You won’t be invited back, will you John.
John: You’ll be struck of the Chrissy card list, brother. But you see, the Victorians, they were so close to death, and every Victorian novel’s got a deathbed scene, and then a scene on the wake. Most people are not with their loved ones when they die now.

Kel: It’s all in hospitals, it’s all medicalized.
John: And they’re removed away, you’re in the way as it were.

Kel: Yes.
John: And our age pretends it’s never going to happen. Which is the great fad of everybody trying to look younger.

Kel: So we need to face the fact that there’s something we need to be saved from.
John: Yes. You see, I am not ready to meet God unless I’m forgiven. If I stand in the presence of God unforgiven, and he says, what is this man’s track record like? they say, in terms of loving you and serving you, he was careless.
Now when you are forgiven, and God says, what is his track record like, they say, there’s nothing written against him.
They say, how is that possible?
And Jesus says, I erased the record when I died for him…

Read the whole post here.

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