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Children’s Memorial – Mount Gambier Cemetery

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Today I attended the ‘opening’ of a children’s memorial at the old Mount Gambier Cemetery on Lake Terrace, Mount Gambier.
The memorial serves as a focal place where the deaths of children who died before birth or during infancy, but for whom there is no marked grave, can be remembered.
I was unaware of the construction and did not know what to expect until I arrived.
While the situations which will draw folk to it will vary widely, I’m sure that most people will find it a most appropriate place for its purpose.
Some may find it too formal and austere in its heritage setting, other may find it too sentimental in its features.
As a public space, I think it finds as suitable a balance as would be possible.
This is a place that I dearly wish no-one would have cause to need, but I’m glad it exists for those who do.
For those who have suffered the death of an infant or child, the community of Mount Gambier affirms your sense of loss and has provided this space to support your need to grieve, mourn and remember.

A more permanent plaque is coming.

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