In addition to summarising the day time session of John Piper’s Brisbane event, Nathan Campbell has also given us extensive notes on the evening session.
Here’s where Piper started:

In seventeen days we mark the tenth anniversary of 9/11. 157 people died on the two planes that crashed into the towers. 2595 people died when the towers collapsed. The third plane killed almost two hundred people at the Pentagon.
2986 people died in a matter of hours. Two years later there was an earthquake in Iraq and ten times that number died in one night. And then there was a tsunami that killed ten times that ten times in one night. Two weeks ago a helicopter with 31 soldiers on it was shot down by a “lucky shot” in Afghanistan. Yesterday 11 people burned to death in an incredibly painful and tragic house fire. We would be stunned speechless if we were made to watch the car accidents that kill 50,000 people every year in America. Lest we think these are unusual statistics, 50 million people die every year in the world. 100 every minute. What does Jesus want us to learn about our lives from that?
Particularly from yesterday’s fire [south of Brisbane which claimed eleven lives]. What is Brisbane supposed to hear from that?
Jesus answer to that question is found in Luke 13…
Read on.

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