Introduced the kids to Sizzler today.
(The joys of not cooking)
Deep southerners can only lament the demise of the more antipodean branches of the Sizzler family.
I notice the tagline is not all-you-can-eat, but as-much-as-you-want.
Well, they achieved the first, but maybe not the second.
The Cheese Toast seems thinner and more limp, as well.

2 thoughts on “Sizzler

  1. Ben Palmer says:

    I only “dined” there once, in Mosman in Sydney with my grandparents in the early 90s, but I’ve never forgotten the cheese toast.

    1. Gary Ware says:

      Which is my cue to mention Nathan’s Sizzler Cheese Toast recipe post over at St Eutychus before he does.

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