With the PCUSA and the Church of Scotland having pretty jumped the shark as far as being Christian Denominations goes this piece of commentary was of interest.
Liberalism is a cynical exercise, as it trades on the forbearance and charity of genuine Christians to accept their unbelieving positions as conscientious reservations in order to find a foothold in Christian Churches, then progresses to endorsement of its positions as accepted standards, and finally excludes those who hold genuine Christian beliefs from their ranks.
Ensuring that those it ejects have no rights to properties or assets.
Brian Carpenter observes at Layman Online that the behaviour of Theological Liberalism in the way it treats the evangelical minorities they seek to choke out of existence doesn’t even model the (unbiblical) principles which it espouses, further demonstrating their hypocrisy.
In part:

You have systematically ratcheted up the pressure on the minority for a long time, until now it is to the point of causing even those traditionalists who have been quiescent and compliant for years to consider leaving. But they do not want to leave in dribs and drabs, like those of us who have left before. They want to leave as a cohesive group, with mutual support and care for the hazards of the journey. They want to envision a new future for themselves and build it. And they want to take the property and resources they paid for with their own blood, sweat and tears with them. And you extort them and take them to court to prevent it. You point to the rules you wrote to perpetuate your tenure in power and say “See, it’s the right thing to do.”
Tell me, liberal friend, do you exult in the part of the Exodus story where the children of Israel plunder the treasures of the Egyptians as just payment for their slavery? Have you preached sermons on how the oppressed have a right to seize the means of production for themselves in the context of their liberation? Would you feminists countenance any sort of law written onto the books which would not allow a woman to divorce her abusive husband unless she left all of her worldly goods in his possession and left the home destitute? Do you not rail against any laws anywhere in the world which treat a woman’s property as her husband’s and allow him to keep it?
For all the supposedly sharp-eyed speck removal in the eyes of others, the theological liberals in the PCUSA have a remarkably large log in their own eyes. While decrying the unjust use of power, you use power unjustly. While issuing thundering condemnations of abusers everywhere, you abuse everywhere you can. While denouncing theft from the poor and the weak you steal from the poor and the weak in your own household. Why?

Read: A theologically liberal critique of the theological liberals

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