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Rapture Humour


Whenever someone makes a prediction about the exact timing of ‘the rapture’ you really wonder if they’ve been paying attention.
As Matt Viney put it on his blog:

I just wish people like Harold Camping and his ilk would come to understand that Jesus said ‘no-one knows that day or the hour’ of his return. It will be like a thief in the night. Thieves normally don’t erect billboards to advertise when they’re going to break into your house.

Such predictions are an open invitation to find an amusing side to rapture predictions.

The CNN Marquee blog posts a list of suggested songs to play as the world as we know it ends.
While you’re listening you may wish to have your final meal. CNN’s eatocracy blog is conducting a poll of people’s preferences for their final (pre-rapture) repast.

A quick reference back to my post from last year about post-rapture pet care.

Dork Tower (two posts in one week, I know) revisits an oldie, but a goodie.


And, finally, perhaps the best rapture inspired bumper sticker ever.


4 thoughts on “Rapture Humour

  1. Nevertheless our job is to be ready!

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