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Easter Eggs In The Year Of Our Lord (via Phillip Jensen)

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This year is the first for some time during which Easter will be marked at our home without the purchase of chocolate eggs. We give our older at home children block chocolate, but don’t buy the ‘egg and bunny’ type products once they reach a certain age.

This post by Sydney’s Phillip Jensen affirms chocolate while questioning the tendency by Christians to fully adopt the egg and bunny motif as a sign of new life.
After all, while new life and the renewal of life are facets of that which we’re celebrating, the resurrection of the Lord Jesus is actually both something else and far more than these.

From the post.

But basically, the Easter egg celebration is symbolic of the pathetic intellectual and spiritual poverty of modern Australian community life. It reduces Easter to the lowest common denominator of public agreement – we all like chocolate and don’t mind eggs. The White House can celebrate Easter with an egg rolling competition, the local kindergarten can have an Easter egg hunt, but woe betide those who would celebrate Easter with a reminder that Jesus, having died for our sins, is now sitting at the right hand of God in all power and authority, soon to return to judge the living and the dead. To celebrate that would be to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and we would not want that to interrupt Easter.
The resurrection of Jesus is more than new birth. It is about sins forgiven, death defeated, the lordship of Jesus over heaven and earth, the establishment of the Kingdom of God and the arrival of the judgement of the world. None of these themes is in any way a reminder of the seasonal new birth – especially in Australia where we are entering autumn not spring.
The death and resurrection of Jesus is spectacular, amazing and central to the whole of human history and eternity. We do not live AC (After Christ) but AD (Anno Domini: in the year of the Lord) because he has risen from the dead to live and rule for evermore. This is an event far too important to trivialise with bunnies laying chocolate.
Read the whole article here.

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