Jonathan Lunde’s ‘Following Jesus, The Servant King’ is part of a collection of Zondervan’s Biblical Theology For Life series.
Having disappeared for a short season, it is refreshing to see Lunde explore covenant theology as the paradigm for understanding the Lord Jesus as the prophet who rules. Those schooled more recently in situations where confessional or covenantal theologies have been set aside or downplayed will discover much about the way in which Jesus both fulfills covenant requirements and receives covenant blessings on our behalf, which means that the Christian’s discipleship is not so much learning how to live like Jesus, but discovering the life which is ours in Him, a life of grace and obedience.
So, rather than portraying the outworking of salvation as making us more efficient rule keepers, we are reminded that salvation works to internalise obedience from bare action to heart and mind motivation. The key to God’s law being written on our heart is not education, but renewal. Biblically this renewal is not solely about God’s judgement being poured out on Christ, but on our hearts and minds being brought to life in a way which entails us becoming responsive servants of our Lord and King. The nature of that response is informed by learning about what our Saviour King has done and how that both enables and informs our obedience.
As mentioned above, those who have little knowledge of the covenant theology which pervades the Old Testament will find ‘Following Jesus’ an instructive and comprehensive resource which will entice to further study.
The book is steeped in Scripture, with particular attention given to the Old Testament texts and themes which the New Testament (Covenant) work of Jesus fulfills.
Constantly Lunde points the reader to that which the Christian receives because of Jesus and to the response which is incumbent upon the recipients. It invites us to receive grace, live in grace, and to respond to grace.
Following Jesus, The Servant King is well worth reading and study.

The copy of Following Jesus, The Servant King which is the subject of this review was supplied by Zondervan as part of their blog tour program.
The current lowest price at shows the Book Depository can put it in your mailbox for just under AU$21. This seems like good value for an oversized 300 page paperback.

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