Get ready for lots of outrage.
This will make a hipster pastor teaching universalistic annihilationism look like a storm in a teacup.
KFC (what we old timers used to know as ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken) is launching a promotion which hinges around the invitation to indulge in a month of ‘Mantime.’
The countdown clock on their website and Facebook page indicates there’s currently twelve hours to go. (I see one of my young facebook friends has already ‘liked’ the page in question. Go Duncan)
As part of the promotion KFC Australia are adding the ‘Double Down’ to their menu. I posted about the US counterpart of this last year. If you don’t recall it’s the ‘burger’ that uses two chicken fillets in place of bread, packing the other goodies between them.

As they say in the classics: ‘Game on.’
I wonder if my daughter can keep this news from my son-in-law for a whole month?

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