The makers of Omega, the end times board game invite you to:

Expand your knowledge of the end times and the Word of God while playing Omega: The End Times Board Game. This new game from the International House of Prayer of Kansas City will give you the chance to test your understanding of details from key books of the Bible about the end times.
The game will take you through the timeline of the end times, beginning with the Tribulation and ending with the millennial reign of Jesus.Omega can be played with up to six individuals or teams, and you can choose between two levels of difficulty. From beginners (multiple choice) to expert theologians, this game can be played by anyone from age 8 up. As you move across the board, answer questions from the book of Daniel, Revelation, and other biblical passages in order to collect Oil Cards, which help you win the game. The fun increases when players have the chance to act and draw end-time scenarios as they play Omega: The End Times Board Game.
A game of knowledge based on the end times, Omega leads you on an exploration of the Bible, providing enjoyable challenges including questions, charades, and drawing. Omega brings family and friends together and entertains, game after game. 

Yep, it actually exists.
I think I’ll pass.
(Maybe this is how Nathan, Simone, Isaac and co amused themselves at their dinner party last week.)
Here’s an online ad.

HT: White Horse Inn

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