A very, very practical and helpful post from Colin Marshall which is archived on the Briefing/Matthias Media site. These ten questions are the application/discussion points of the article. They cover a sense of ministry and mission which I hope we can further develop at mgpc next year.

  1. Why think about where to sit in church?
  2. How would your church members express their reasons for attending church?
  3. How do these reasons affect what they do in church?
  4. Who in your church is actively engaged in the ministry of the pew? How can you encourage and support them?
  5. What is the attitude of your members toward bringing others to church?
  6. What practises in your church meeting last Sunday would have alienated non-Christians?
  7. Next Sunday carefully observe who in church is ‘left out’ in some way.
  8. What are your plans for your ministry from the pew?

Read The Ministry Of The Pew.
HT: 9Marks Blog.

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