Mark Dever converses with Mark Driscoll and James MacDonald about multi-site churches.
It is an interesting video to watch. Dever listens and tries to unpack how multi-site eventually becomes multi-church. The numbers of people they talk about make it challenging to relate to local circumstances, but the idea of a significant amount of Bible teaching being ‘brought in’ is challenging. Dever is resistant to concepts of focusing in personalities. The other two seek to convince him that their model actually is more protective against this than Dever’s own.
I particularly found MacDonald’s statement that when he dies or finishes broadcasting of his material will cease fascinating.
These days newspapers continue to run comic strips of ‘Peanuts’, ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ and ‘The Far Side’ though no new strips have been produced for years, in the case of ‘Peanuts’ since Charles Schulz’s death.
Television has whole new channels showing repeats of old television shows.

Who is say that in twenty years some Christian congregations are going to decide that they’d rather watch videos of sermons by Mark Driscoll and John Piper than listen to messages delivered live and prepared for them by a pastor?

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