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Spoon? There Is No Spoon

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In some sort of relationship to my previous post, lots of other Christians have disagreements with each other, not just presbyterian/reformed ones.
Some disagreements are absolutely necessary and cannot be avoided.
This video features Brian MacLaren being questioned by Scot McKnight.
McKnight describes himself as an anabaptist and has had some charitable things to say about aspects of the emergent movement. MacLaren is… well that’s what the questions are about.
MacLaren is quite unhappy about polemics and definitive answers. And he seems to think that anyone who doesn’t hold that view not in a good place and is wrong. In a un-polemical and non-definitive way.
You have been warned that this is 19 minutes of your life that you’ll never get back. If you allow it all to buffer about the last third will suffice. But if you’ve only even encountered clear and genuine Bible teaching before you’ll see what was being touted as the future of evangelicalism by TIME magazine not so many years ago.
The title of this post relates to an interchange between two characters in the movie, The Matrix. It was all that would come to mind after watching this.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Jared Wilson put it like this:

Does Brian McLaren Want a Glass of Milk?
Watched this exchange between Brian McLaren and Scot McKnight and was astounded at how awesomely McLaren is able to give lengthy answers to simple questions that don’t really answer the questions. He’s above the questions somehow, like Neo from the Matrix. It led me to imagine this exchange in the McLaren household.

Q: Brian, would you like a glass of milk?
McLaren: Why do you ask about the glass of milk, a reductive question, when the larger question is whether cows are meant to provide sustenance for non-cows? I’m very sympathetic to how hard it is for you to step into the bovine paradigm and see from this other perspective. In my writing I try to drive more into the core issues of hunger and thirst, universal issues elevated far above the overly narrow constraints of questions like yours, which you can’t even see from the outside because of the confines of the udder-consumer narrative in the dairy/household paradigm. I was a milk-drinker for years, I’ve come out of that background, so I understand why you’d ask the question.

I can only further add that MacLaren would probably reject being subject to concepts such as ‘like’ and ‘thirst’ as well, since they seem to derive from the erroneous concept of milk ingestion posited.

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