Isaac has a rant about church songs that have music scores that go longer than two pages.
It’s quite amusing, not offensive, but does make a worthwhile point.
(Sovereign Grace Music, I’m looking in your direction.)

This comes back to the issue of church musicians being in charge of church music.
(Gross generalisation alert)
Musicians get bored and want material that provides fresh challenges for them.
The non-musical usually just want something that they can master and which helps convey the words.
Few singing congregations ever demanded key changes, melodic variations from verse to verse and bridges.
Usually they just want to sing.
(Gross generalisation ends)
Some of the aforementioned variations can be useful, but they should be used sparingly and when the lyrics demand it, not to try and make up for inadequacies in the lyrics.

This isn’t a general slam against new music. I’ve posted well over 50 different old and new congregational songs on this blog. Generally if I post something it’s because I think it’s worth considering, and singable by a Congregation. (The Holy Spirit Hokey Pokey and Chris Tomlin’s God Of This City excepted.)

I appreciate the thoughtfulness and servant hearts of our musicians at mgpc in this regard.

Read: Two-Page Revolution on Isaac Thinks Aloud.

One thought on “Two Page Song Revolution

  1. simone r. says:

    If a key change is necessary, questions should be asked how good the song is…

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