Jared Wilson reflects on an exchange that he had with a parking attendant while on the way home from the Together For The Gospel conference.
Though couched in the context of US evangelical culture, I think the point he makes translates across cultural boundaries.

Here’s the central issue:

I believe many Christians in America would be satisfied if “the culture” just stopped using pornography and drugs and alcohol and stopped aborting babies and started “acting right.” As far as I can tell, that would be a Win.
But it’s not a win. A land where everybody acts right and is on their best behavior, where peace reigns and social decay is no more and the poor are helped and the hungry are fed, but Christ is not worshiped as the sole supreme satisfaction in all the universe, is a big fat FAIL.

Christians really need to discipline themselves on this subject.
Too often our conversations will focus on moral decline, falling standards, fractured relationships along with other negative social issues and claim our trust that the Gospel is the solution to all of these.
Our focus should be on the lostness of individuals who are alienated from God and subject to His judgment unless they trust Jesus as their Saviour.

Read ‘The Message of the Gospel is Not “Behave!”‘

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