Bruce Waltke is an Old Testament professor who resigned from Reformed Theological Seminary after publicly affirming that Christians must accept theistic evolution or the Christian faith would be marginalised and lack credibility.

A very well composed and irenic summary of the whole situation has been posted at Inside Higher Ed.
The article provides the perspective of the leadership at RTS:

Michael Milton, president of the seminary’s Charlotte campus and interim president of its Orlando campus, where Waltke taught, confirmed that the scholar had lost his job over the video. Milton said that Waltke would “undoubtedly” be considered one of the world’s great Christian scholars of the Old Testament and that he was “much beloved here,” with his departure causing “heartache.” But he said that there was no choice.
Milton said that the seminary allows “views to vary” about creation, describing the faculty members there as having “an eight-lane highway” on which to explore various routes to understanding. Giving an example, he said that some faculty members believe that the Hebrew word yom (day) should be seen in Genesis as a literal 24-hour day. Others believe that yom may be providing “a framework” for some period of time longer than a day. Both of those views, and various others, are allowed, Milton said.
But while Milton insisted that this provides for “a diversity” of views, he acknowledged that others are not permitted. Darwinian views, and any suggestion that humans didn’t arrive on earth directly from being created by God (as opposed to having evolved from other forms of life), are not allowed, he said, and faculty members know this.
Asked if this limits academic freedom, Milton said: “We are a confessional seminary. I’m a professor myself, but I do not have a freedom that would go past the boundaries of the confession. Nor do I have a freedom that would allow me to express my views in such a way to hurt or impugn someone who holds another view.” Indeed he added that the problem with what Waltke said was as much his suggestion that religion will lose support over these issues as his statements about evolution itself. (The statement of faith at the seminary states: “Since the Bible is absolutely and finally authoritative as the inerrant Word of God, it is the basis for the total curriculum.”)

Read The Video That Ended A Career here.

Since a lot of comment flies around about the anti-intellectualism and stupidity of the leadership of RTS and those who agree with them, here is a repost of a link to Milton’s blog where he and Douglas Kelly explain their positions and responsibilities as confessional Christians to this situation.
IN THE BEGINNING: Why I Reject Evolution and Embrace Wonder – Milton and Kelly on Creation and the Foundation of Faith
Those who claim to be confessional Christians would do well to engage with their reasoning.

Edit: Statements from Waltke and RTS here.

2 thoughts on “A Confessional Response To The Waltke Controversy

  1. TE Stephen Welch says:

    Thank you for the information. RTS had a difficult job, but they did the right thing. No man can teach or preach something in a Reformed seminary that is contrary to our confessional standards. I am thankful for solid men like Dr. Milton and Dr. Kelly. Obviously Bruce Waltke has changed his position, and I am deeply grieved over his departure from orthodoxy.

    1. gjware says:

      Though saddened by the situation, the nature of Waltke’s and RTS’ public statements about what has transpired are a credit to them and a model for those who find they are in conscientious disagreement.
      If you haven’t seen them, I’ve posted a copy here.

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