Brian McLaren poses the idea that those who disagree with him do so, not because they think he’s wrong, but because they fear the condemnation of others if they don’t disagree with him.
Why Do Evangelicals Dislike Me So Much?
Remember, it’s not that people disagree with him, they dislike him.
It’s a cute conceit.

The post makes an interesting companion to the one by Michael Bird which I posted about on Saturday.

3 thoughts on “McLaren Explains That You Don’t Like Him Because You’re Afraid

  1. Matt B says:

    You would think after all this time Brian would have acquired SOME evangelical support if anything he said was actually helpful. I haven’t read all of his stuff, and probably won’t – so I guess my comment is a uneducated, but I have read enough to know that he (along with Bell, Pagett etc.) has a certain attitude towards the church, which has to have come form experience, rather than scripture. On the other hand, as God works all things for good it would appear that folks like McLaren are actually strengthening and unifying the Evangelical Church. The glass is half full!

    1. gjware says:

      Evangelical support for McLaren has diminished as he has more and more clearly articulated what he believes.
      This review of his latest book by Scot McKnight tells some of that story, if you haven’t already read it.

  2. Matt B says:

    haven’t seen it, but I will have a look – thanks Gary!

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