This is not really a new-year’s resolution, but an all-year, every-year resolution.
The other pastors in town know that I’m committed to preaching from the Bible. They also know of my disapproval if visiting speakers at combined services here teach their own wisdom and illustrate it with Bible texts, generally removed from context, or take a Bible text and then use it to say whatever they want it to say.
We’ve had a lot of that lately, and many of them just don’t seem to spot the difference between preaching what a Bible text means and using the Bible (or not) to deliver a message based on your own ideas.
But I think we’re making progress.

Anyway, Mockingbird has a year-end round-up of their “top seven picks for “heretical crazy-talk video of the year”.
They are all YouTubes, so you can get it all in context.
All the usual names feature: Warren; Hybels; Hinn; Wilkinson and the following omnibus feature about the prosperity gospel that is just loaded with grabs of breath-taking theological error and goofiness.

This all just serves to underline how important it is to keep the Bible central. So, as a new year begins, the vital nature of preaching the word will always be forefront in my pastoral work.

HT: White Horse Inn.

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