I enjoyed a post on Stuff Christians Like entitled “Secretly hoping your city’s NFL team stinks so people will come to church.”
This pertains to the reply which a church pastor gave when someone offered him sympathy over the lowly standing of his town’s football team:
“Without missing a beat, upon being reminded of how lousy the pro football team in his town was, the pastor laughed and said, “To tell you the truth, church is great when they have a horrible year. More people come and are more engaged. So it’s actually a good thing for the church.”
Jon Acuff, the post’s author then goes on to suppose three other things which he imagines pastors pray for, in addition to poor performances by local football teams.
These include: “That grumpy members will visit and fall in love with other churches.” and “That parents with screaming kids will take them to Sunday School.”
Acuff then asks if there are any other ‘secret pastor’s prayers’.
My desire is for children to stay in for the duration of worship services, though we do have a Sunday School available during some parts of the year. Our folk gladly support parents with children because they know many churches have not noise from young people because they have no young people.

I have to confess to taking some pleasure when inclement weather in our region interferes with large outdoor activities which occur on Sundays.
We also have a horse-racing track which cannot be used if twenty-five millimeters (an inch) of rain falls on it any time in the seven days before a planned meeting, as often happens during late autumn and winter. Sometimes in summer temperatures will soar into the high thirties (over 100 degrees fahrenheit) with strong northerly winds. I am never sad that these weather patterns disrupt the race meetings.
People in a large country town are extremely committed to sporting clubs and musical and cultural pursuits. Only injury or an extreme lack of talent will curtail these from competing with Christian worship and fellowship.
I don’t actually pray for these things.
My prayer is for people to come to worship in response to God working saving faith in them.

I do sort of pray that Mount Gambier Sunday morning traffic will abate so that the poor folk who have trouble arriving on time Sunday after Sunday aren’t delayed.

Of course, apparently, the pastors of churches in Collingwood must be especially fervent in prayer. Surely that explains the record of their team.

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