Michael Horton has been mentioned on this blog before. He’s the author of ‘Christless Christianity’, which has provoked some controversy. My post on that controversy is here and a review of the book is here.

Horton was recently interviewed by Burk Parsons at the Ligonier Ministries Website in four parts.
Here are the links (and some sample questions and answers):
Part One.
Please tell me a little about your family.
I have a wonderful wife who cares for me better than I deserve, and I have four children about whom I can say the same thing. They are six years old and seven, and they’re wonderful kids. Three of them are the same age–they are triplets. James is the oldest, a year and a half older than the triplets.
Part Two.
If you could have a one-hour discussion with any living person in the world today, who would it be?
‘Pope Benedict XVI. He’s a very interesting theologian whom I’ve quoted in my book on justification in the covenant and eschatology series. I interact extensively with Pope Benedict; it’s amazing–he really is the best theologian the Papacy has seen since I don’t know when, and he loves covenant theology. He has read a lot of the same authors Reformed theologians have read, and he even comes to the conclusion: I can see how the Reformation happened; I can see how the Reformers made the conclusions they did.’
Part Three.
What word of encouragement do pastors most need to hear today?
‘…They need to be jealous about their time, and they need to be able to say, “The most important thing I have to give to my people is my work in the study and in my prayers for them, and let elders care for the spiritual maturity of each and every member and family, and the deacons care for all the physical needs of the people. Not that the pastor should be detached, but those pastors who are faithfully doing their work in the study, preparing a meal–a feast for the people of God–hold the most honorable office on earth.’
Part Four.
Considering Bishop N.T. Wright’s doctrine of justification, do you believe he is teaching another gospel?
‘…And let me offer an impassioned plea to folks: There are Reformed presentations of the doctrine of justification that include some of the very salient points that Tom Wright has raised and incorporated, without denying the very crucial component of imputation as Tom Wright does. Without imputation, justification isn’t good news.’

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