This is very, very cool.
On Amazon Andrew Peterson describes ‘Behold The Lamb Of God’ in the following terms: ‘What I wrote is a concert that tells a story. There’s no speaking–only songs, some of which are intimate, some epic, some humorous, all with a purpose, which is to convey the true tall tale of the coming of God into the world. What makes this bunch of songs unique is that I wanted to remind (or teach) the audience that the story of Christmas doesn’t begin with the birth of Jesus. Many people tend to forget or have never even learned that the entire Bible is about Jesus, not just the New Testament. So the musical begins with Moses and the symbolic story of the Passover (Passover Us) and works its way through the kings and the prophets with their many prophecies about the coming Messiah (So Long, Moses) to the awful four hundred years of silence before God told Mary she’d be having a baby (Deliver Us). After the song called Matthew’s Begats, which lists the genealogy of Jesus, the story picks up in more familiar territory with Mary and Joseph and the actual birth (It Came To Pass, Labor of Love). The final song is called Behold, the Lamb of God, which ties together the Passover and the beauty and scope of the story.

I’ve ordered the tenth anniversary 2 CD recording. It includes the complete Behold the Lamb Of God concert recorded live on the 2008 tour, as well as a newly remastered version of the original 2004 studio recording.
The music is generally folky and the lyrics, which are, by turns, playful and profound. Wonderful listening at Christmas, Easter and the whole year round.

Best of all, you can listen along.
Peterson provides the following link to a free album player.
By following this link you can hear the album and read the lyrics.
I best warn you that if you listen for any length of time you’ll probably end up purchasing either the discs or the downloads.

HT: Kevin DeYoung.

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