In parts one and two I considered the first seven of ten propositions which form the central theme of the soon to be published Matthias Media book ‘The Vine And The Trellis’.
Today we close out the final three.
In the interests of transparency, at mgpc the leadership are currently being challenged by our leadership training model. (Which is to say we don’t really have one.)
While I have significant differences about their theology of church meetings on Sunday, the points about intentionality in training disciples.
We’ll be buying copies and reading carefully.

Anyway on with the contentions eight, nine and ten, these comments are my responses, so don’t forget to read the explanations behind the links:
8. The disciple-making imperative of the Great Commission needs to drive fresh thinking about our Sunday meetings, and the place of training in congregational life.
As I said above, Sunday worship is for worshipping God the way God wants to be worshipped. I’ve never been convinced either by the pleading that seems to reason that our few hours together on Sunday morning (or 24 hours) represent a huge retreat from the world and a diversion from our work of sharing the Gospel.
Such thinking doesn’t seem to remember that outside those few hours there’s another 165 hours (or 144) in a week where we can train, be trained and share the Gospel. Why do we need to invade the time in which God calls us to worship Him?
But we do need to be thoughtful and intentional about training and the outcomes we are seeking when we meet.
9. Training almost always starts small, and grows by multiplying workers.
I like this one a lot. It makes sense. I’ve been telling mgpc that we’re reformers, not revolutionaries, and most of our change has been organic.
Our training process, when we put it into place will be relationship based and intentional. Our small groups will grow organically, not institutionally.
10. We need to challenge and recruit the next generation of pastors, teacher and evangelists.
Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But again, at mgpc, we’re not intentional about this. But we’ve had some folk move in recently who have been challenging us about this. Moving to a discipleship model will help us to structure the expectation that pastors, teachers and evangelists will be raised up in our church.

So, there you go. Ian’ll be ordering these so that we can get them fresh off the press, apparently demand will be strong, so if you want it get in early.
That’s ‘The Trellis And The Vine’, by Tony Payne and Col Marshall, published by Matthias Media.

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