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The Two Lost Sons by Caroline Cobb

Caroline Cobb’s A Home & A Hunger has been released today.
It’s a wonderful album of songs that follow the biblical themes of God’s redemptive purpose.

Here’s a song based on Luke 15, seasoned with observations by Tim Keller: The Two Lost Sons.
Have a listen:

The lyrics:
Verse 1:
I have been the younger son
Chase my pleasure, chase my fun
Build castles in the sand
My own Promise Land
When my kingdoms crumble down
The famine comes, I bottom out
Well I can hear your voice
Call for your little boy
Pre-Chorus 1:
But you were more of a means than a Father
You were drownin’ my dreams underwater
My child, my child I’ll run out to meet you
Come into my house What’s lost can be found
My child, my child come into the party
All I have is yours Don’t stand outside my door
All I have is yours
Verse 2:
I have been the elder son
Slavin’ til the work is done
Just tryin’ to earn my keep
Nothing comes for free
Bitterness was in my blood
From all this tryin’ to be enough
But you love that wayward son

Oh but look at what I’ve done
Pre-Chorus 2:
You were more of a means than a Father
I acted like an employee,
Not a son, not a daughter
Don’t let your pride get in the way
You don’t need to earn my love
Don’t let your guilt get in the way
You don’t need to earn my love
All of those rules that you keep or you break
You don’t need to earn my love
There is a Son that has already paid
You don’t need to earn it
You don’t need to deserve it
Come home, come home!
Come into my joy!
All I have is yours

Words and music by Caroline Cobb (ASCAP).
Copyright 2017 Sing the Story Music. 
CCLI # 7097306. Key: E. Tempo: 150.

Luke 15:11-32. Based on Tim Keller’s Prodigal God.