I saw the publicity for a new tv series called Irreverent.
The setup is “A criminal from Chicago is forced to hide in a small Australian reef town posing as the new church Reverend.”

One of the publicity shots has the Reverend in question standing at a pulpit with a very familiar emblem.
It clearly looks to be the historic emblem of the Presbyterian Church of Australia.
The Latin phrase ‘Nec Tamen Consumebatur’ is visible. The outer band which carries the words Presbyterian Church of Australia is blurred.
The character wears clerical garb of a type I don’t think any Presbyterian ministers currently wear, or even historically wore; clerical collars and black Geneva gowns were as far as that sort of thing generally went.
The table behind him also looks a little overdressed.
Sort of thing set up by those who have not attended an actual church for some time, if ever.
And I can’t imagine how a random Reverend would end up at a church without local collegial oversight having some scrutiny.

Which brings me to my biggest grievance with this setup.
If some random on the lam was going to end up ensconced in a Presbyterian pulpit in Australia it could only happen here in South Australia.
It may not seem like much of a reputation, but it’s all we’ve got.

One thought on “A Bone To Pick With Irreverent

  1. Brian W Johnson says:

    I totally agree.

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