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Another Night At Platform 5

Waiting for the train again. Thirty minutes earlier tonight feels like a win.

An encouraging day receiving teaching and interacting with fellow ministry workers, and also participating in meetings where some great decisions in support of various works and workers were made.

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Queensland Life Saver

Sitting under this during meetings in Brisbane.

One side of the building’s air conditioning is ten degrees hotter than the other.

We’ve moved our meeting to the cool side.

How do people live here?

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Ten Commandments To Help Fix Lousy Meetings (via Leadership Freak)

The fact I’m in Adelaide for a Presbytery meeting today is coincidental, but not unrelated to posting this material from Leadership Freak.
I’m adjusting the title from the original posts, which insists these will fix lousy meetings, but personal experience questions that assertion.

Law #1: Thou shalt always declare the purpose of the meeting before it happens.
“The most important work of the meeting happens before the meeting. Confusion about purpose is always the result of inept leadership.”

Law #2: All participants shalt understand and agree that the requirements of law #1 have been fully met.
“Declaring the purpose of a meeting doesn’t mean everyone understands or aligns.”

Law #3: Thou shalt meet to make decision, never to discuss.

Law #4: Everyone around the table shalt have a stake in the pie.

Law #5: The people closest to the work shalt talk the most.

Law #6: The most powerful person in the room shalt talk the least.

Law #7: Thou shalt engage in lively debate.
“When law #6 is violated, law #7 won’t happen.”

Law #8: The leader of the meeting shalt keep everyone focused and engaged.

Law #9: Thou shalt silence big mouths and engage quiet participants, even if it hurts someone’s feelings.

Law #10: Thou shalt assign tasks to everyone in the room.
“The person who leaves the room without something to do, shouldn’t have attended in the first place.”


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Should You Have Been At The Meeting?

Given that it’s a nine/ten hour round trip for a short meeting today, this post from Leadership Freak seems apt.

As a bonus, from the same post, here’s ten questions that cut to the chase:

10 questions that cut to the chase:
What would you like to happen?
What would you like from me?
What were you trying to sell?
What happens if we follow the path you just described?
What possible responses to what you just said seem appropriate?
What makes you say that?
How can we move forward?
What’s next?
What problem are you solving?
How is this connected to what matters now?
Bonus: Before you say anything else, what are you prepared to do about this?
“Hold people accountable for their words.”

Read the whole post at Leadership Freak.