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The Art Of Friendship (via Sammy Rhodes)

Friendship as a trusted and faithful custodian of someone’s story, of being a friend to them through the accumulation of knowledge that might otherwise isolate us.
An interesting observation from Sammy Rhodes.

The hard work of friendship is entrusting your heart to another and risking your story while at the same time holding your friend’s story carefully. Friends cannot hold the weight of your identity, but you should be able to trust them with the weight of your story — your dreams and fears, your desires and struggles, the things that make you your — self past and present. This is the hard work of friendship, the art of friendship.

Sammy Rhodes, This Is Awkward, Thomas Nelson, 2016, pg 116.

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A Song About Friendship by Steve Martin And Stephen Colbert That I Like

This clip features a Steve Martin and Stephen Colbert singing a song about friendship that includes an important lesson about the nature of true friendship and then ends with them both singing a version of their song that I found strangely encouraging, for some reason.

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Thankyou Basket

The MGPC Presbyterian Women’s Association held their 2014 breakup today and my colleague and myself both received lovely hamper baskets for our families.
Other gifts were shared among the members.
We feel so grateful for such generosity.