Watching the tv drama John Adams, Adams and Thomas Jefferson are portrayed discussing government. Paul Giamatti is superb (no surprise) and provides the following statement as Adams: Indeed. And what is government, ultimately, but putting into effect the lessons, which we have learned in dealing with the contradictions in our own characters.

We’re watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix. I imagine Marie Kondo’s KonMari tidying philosophy could be really helpful for people who have compulsive collecting/hoarding tendencies. The idea of keeping that which ‘sparks joy’ is interesting. It brings some echoes of the idea of learning to be content. It is a thought provoking concept.

Five minutes of background about the silent characters of TV series – their sets. John Shaffner designed the set of “Friends.” And lots of other sets for other shows. From Monica’s apartment to the now ubiquitous couches in coffee shops that all mirror the Central Perk, the sets set a scene, build a collateral memory, …

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