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Not Our Next VBS (via Bablyon Bee)

Babylon Bee is a satirical website. The stories there are not true.

This one about a possible Vacation Bible School made me laugh more than it maybe should have.
A little bit because I think my wife would actually sort of approve of this as a theme. A little bit.

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Thoughts & Prayers – What If There Was An App For That?

Comedy video clip featuring “The Thoughts & Prayers App: When you want people to know that you care.”
This does not exist.
Repeat: This does not actually exist.

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When We’ve Been There Ten Thousand Years… (via Church Curmudgeon)

When we’ve been there ten thousand years, we may just get to sing “Amazing Grace” the normal way again.
(and yes, I know that phrase was not part of the original hymn)

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Here’s some more…

Pastor proposed a new church plant. The Decorating Committee started bickering for 5 minutes before they realized what he meant.

For sale: 36 pews
Rows 2-35: moderate wear
Row 36: as is
Row 1: mint

I just met you
And this is crazy
You’re in my pew
Move over, lady

The reason they call it a “selfie” is because “narcissistie” is too hard to spell.

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Biblica Hipsteria

This is a parody.
Based in part on this Kickstarter campaign.
It does not exist.
Though there are a plethora of other ‘themed’ Bibles available.
Even though Michael Bird lives and teaches in Australia he makes US cultural references.
(Even non-hipsters gotta know where the trends are, I guess)

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Soap Opera Praise Songs

This video is a compilation of praise songs written using soap opera titles for lyrics.
Be careful watching this while drinking beverages.
Also be careful lest you find yourself singing along.
(I thought the fourth song had a bit of an EMU vibe to it…)