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Presbyterian Church of Queensland General Assembly 2019

The opening session of the 2019 Presbyterian Church of Queensland General Assembly was conducted tonight.
Rev Phil Strong was recognised as the moderator of this year’s assembly, and it was a privilege for Rev Davo Gunning and myself to be introduced as Phil’s chaplains for this year.
I’ll a few updates, starting tomorrow.

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Phil Strong – Moderator Elect Of The Presbyterian Church Of Queensland

The General Assembly have unanimously elected the Reverend Phil Strong as Moderator-Elect (moderator of the 2019 General Assembly).

Phil is on staff at Creek Road Presbyterian and is Moderator of the South Australian Assembly and Presbytery, being an Assessor (appointed member) of those bodies. He is functioning as project manager of the Adelaide Churches revitalization work. He has previously served as convener of the Qld Ministry Training Committee.

(an earlier version of this post mentioned Phil’s involvement in the acquisition of the new premises of the Queensland Theological College. Phil has informed me that his departure from the Ministry Training Committee predated those plans, and he had no personal involvement that project. So I’ve updated this post. He’s a details guy.)

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Thanks To John Mansfield

The following motion was passed with a standing ovation, marking the conclusion of John Mansfield’s 37 year long work with the Department of Christian Education.

I remember John’s work back in the early 1980’s, and there will be thousands of people who know Jesus or have grown deeper in their following of Jesus because of the work that John has done in facilitating and conducting camps, events and youth work.

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Reappointment Of Peter Barson as PCQ Director Of Ministry Resourcing And Christian Education

The General Assembly Of The Presbyterian Church Of Queensland unanimously voted to reappoint Rev Peter Barson as Director Of Ministry Resourcing and Christian Education for a five-year term. This will be Peter’s third term, having commenced in 2008.

Peter is a blessing to the church. Wise, empathetic, experienced; able to have hard conversations and implement hard decisions with grace and love. He is a model of servant-leadership who has a driving passion that people (particularly young people) will come to know Jesus through the ministry of local churches, supported by the activities of the wider denomination.

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Ministry Training In The PCQ

The Queensland Theological College and Committee On Training For The Ministry reported tonight.

A new standalone facility has been purchased, renovated and opened in the central business district of Brisbane.

There are six full time lecturers, around 170 people undertaking some form of study; nearly 50 full time students – 19 training for ordained ministry.

Graduates serve around Australia and internationally.

The operations of QTC as a facility continues to develop as a business model, and needs to develop its funding model.

The Qld Church has a world class teaching and training facility.

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QuizWorx At The Assembly

QuizWorx share Jesus with over 100000 kids this year.

We heard about the SE Qld unit at Assembly this morning.

There was singing with action.

Moderator Mike singing and dancing

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We Belong To The Day – Sunday Songs (Queensland General Assembly Opening Service)

A wonderful service at a great facility to hear a clear message about the urgency of responding to Jesus’ call that prayer be raised up for workers to be sent to a waiting harvest field.
The opening of the Queensland Assembly at the Queensland Theological College saw the installation of Rev. Mike O’Connor as Moderator by outgoing Moderator Rev. Greg Watt.

Mike preached from Matthew 9 and reminded everyone present (and himself) that the call to reach out starts not with strategy or persons, but with prayer. Strategy and persons flow from God’s answer to that prayer.

Mike O’Connor (r) and Greg Watt

One of the songs was Michael Morrow’s We Belong To The Day.

The lyrics:
We belong to the day
To the day that is to come
When the night falls away
And our Saviour will return
For the glory of the King is in our hearts
On that day we will be seen for what we are
We belong to the day
Let us journey in the light
Put on faith, put on love
As our armour for the fight
And the promise of salvation in our eyes
On that day the proud will fall, the faithful rise
Strong as a mighty rock
Our refuge in the coming wrath
The heart of the bride belongs to Jesus, Jesus
The earth in its turning stops
To marvel at the Son of God
And all of that day belongs to Jesus, Jesus
We belong to the day
We were bought with Jesus’ blood
Soon he comes as the judge
In the power of his word
We must tell of his salvation while we wait
For the day when Jesus comes will be too late
Oh, if ten thousand years go by we will wait
Let us tell of his great love, he will come
For his patience means salvation!

© 2006 Michael Morrow