Like the chairs which are moved briskly and frequently around the stage during Come From Away, the storyline moves deftly from one scene to another, one interaction of characters to another, and swiftly moves between multiple emotional tones during scenes and across scenes.
The longest single solo is really an interlude of self-reflection on the part of pilot Captain Beverley Bass, in the form of the song Me And Sky.
Given that it’s the equivalent of a show-stopping solo piece it’s noteworthy to me that there is no pause after the end of the song during the production – the songs last notes almost interrupted by the words which inform of the storyline’s resumption.
No time for the audience to applaud the solo performance, and it’s not that type of show anyway.
The focus is not on individuals. The focus is always on community as family.

During the covid shutdowns this rendition was specially recorded with Australian cast member Zoe Gertz with the other female cast members.
Recorded as a single song, it provides a wonderful vocal.
When staged, the performer has already sung and acted through numerous numbers and accent changes. The song also begins with the performer seated, which doesn’t make things any easier. Here she’s standing the whole time, which I think makes a difference too.

There may be a few more of these this week.
If you’ve never heard it before, and if you have, enjoy.

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