There’s no wastage in God’s economy.
Even in the spreading ripples of sadness and loss God is making all things new.

From Andrew Peterson:

With each successive moment, by the unfolding of time, Christ’s creative Word continues its pronouncement that he is king of it all. The Word keeps speaking, and the universe whirls on. If he stopped, we wouldn’t know it because there wouldn’t be anything left of us to know. But his love keeps pronouncing spring, articulating childbirth, enunciating thunderheads, reciting nectar flow like a poem, conducting the orchestra of time from one movement to the next – trees clapping their hands, myrtles bursting into flower, grapes swelling on the vine, the earth tilting enough to darken the northern hemisphere and ignite the maple leaves, snowflakes piling precariously on the backs of high twigs, sequoias shooting skyward and fattening like balloons – all because Jesus said so. He keeps the whole thing going, holds it all together because he loves us. Love is his glory, and his glory is our joy. He keeps the story going till its magnificent end. Until then he keeps the ache blooming in our chests with every hammer blow of beauty, keeps us hungry for the wedding feast with every eucharist, every gathering of the saints. Even in pain, death, and danger, he keeps our ending safe as houses in the promise that the sorrow now is a countermelody to the impending trumpet blast of joy.

Andrew Peterson, The God Of The Garden, B&H Publishing, 2021, pg. 195.

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