Every action of Jesus demonstrated holiness, and also provided insight into the character of God as holy.
Holiness does not look to itself, rather it demonstrates gracious generosity and consideration.
Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness is full of responsive holiness.
From Holier Than Thou by Jackie Hill Perry.

…a holy God cannot be a self-serving God. Even though at Jesus’ command, a rock could become a meal, He would no utilise His powers to serve Himself. Sin at its core is selfish. Holiness at its core is self-giving. Water into wine, five loaves and two fish, these are instances when you’d see Jesus satiate a belly and a body as only He knew how. Employing His power to offer provision to others instead of Himself. Surely the devil knew (or maybe he didn’t) but didn’t care that Jesus had come to serve and not be served and His body would be given as a ransom for many. And because of that, Jesus didn’t have to concern Himself with the loud noises coming from His stomach or the fear that one more day without food might kill Him. Of course He would die, one day. And it wouldn’t be because He starved to death, but because He laid His life down.

Jackie Hill Perry, Holier Than Thou, B&H Publishing, 2021, pgs. 44-45.

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